Evert Nieuwenhuis

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Evert Nieuwenhuis works for the Wetenschappelijk Bureau GroenLinks (WBGL), the think tank of the Dutch Greens. WBGL aims to renew and deepen the GroenLinks ideology. It provides solicited and unsolicited advice to politicians and policymakers in particular and all other interested parties in general. WBGL is an independent foundation, affiliated with the political party GroenLinks and is largely financed by the Dutch government under the Political Subsidies Act.

Evert is project manager of the project Green Industrial Policy. This project describes an ambitious and realistic path to a CO2-neutral and circular Dutch heavy industry. It concludes that the Netherlands should strive for a green, heavy industry within its borders. The report Groene industriepolitiek — Bouwen aan de Groene Eeuw (2021; Green Industrial Policy — Building the Green Century) can be downloaded via www.wbgl.nl/gip.

“The Dutch heavy industry is a crucial partner in building the Green Century, the area in which our society will be CO2-neutral and circular. This means that the EU and the Dutch government and society should stand up for a green industry and assist it — technically, financially and legislatively — to become green and sustainable. The heavy industry itself should speed up and scale up its transition substantially, otherwise there will be no place for it in the Green Century.”

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