Ester van der Voet

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Ester van der Voet is an Associate Professor with Leiden University at the Department Industrial Ecology of the Institute of Environmental Sciences (CML). Within the field of Industrial Ecology, she specialises in methodology development (life-cycle assessment, material flow analysis, substance flow analysis, natural resource accounting, and indicator development). These methodologies she applies to different topical areas, specifically resource use and resource management, resource efficiency, metals, critical materials, as well as agriculture and the biobased economy. She has initiated three MSc programs in Industrial Ecology and circular economy: a joint degree program between Leiden University and TU Delft, and two international programs with partners from EU, US, China, Japan and Australia. She has been the head of CML’s Department Industrial Ecology for 4 years. She has conducted and led many research projects for the EU and in other international consortia. She is a member of UNEP’s International Resource Panel. Her present activities mainly focus on circular economy and urban mining, specifically scenario development at different scale levels and building up information systems to support local, national and international policies on sustainable resource use.

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